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Puzzle Designs

I've created a handful of puzzle designs for various clients. I enjoy creating lighthearted, colourful designs with a high level of detail to create a satisfying puzzle experience. 

Grandpa's Stars Cover Design

Grandpa's Stars

I illustrated this 32 page children's book for Fitzhenry and Whiteside, published in 2023. Grandpa's Stars is a story about a child's visit with their Grandfather and the power of creativity and craft to work through grief. 

Ms.Frizzle Gif

Illustrated Type

As a designer and an illustrator, I frequently combine illustrated type and graphics, here are a few of my favourites. 

Winter Warming Huts Illustration

CTZN Architecture 

CTZN Architecture commissions a social media graphic about four times a year, giving me suggestions on architectural buildings or structures and leaving the rest up to me!

Underwater Cats

Creature Comforts

I enjoy creating whimsical scenes using animals and various other creatures!

Pan's Labyrinth Poster

Limited Colour Palettes

I can also create graphics with limited colour palettes for use in silkscreen, embroidery and occasions where all you need is some line work!

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