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Shelf Life Books

I've been working as a contract graphic designer for Shelf Life Books for the past four years. Although I didn't create their brand, I've created numerous creative posters, brochures and advertisements that follow their branding guidelines, and sometimes escape the confines altogether!

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I created the brand and identity for Ravenblack, and I continue to provide necessary infographics, icons, and booth designs for them. 

Canmore Pride Logo

Assorted Logos

Although I prefer to create a cohesive branding identity, sometimes folks just need a logo! Collected here are some of my favourites. 

Vector Guitar

Calgary Stampede

I created graphics for the Calgary Stampede for about eight years total in various design roles including production artist, graphic designer, senior graphic designer, and after COVID, as a freelancer. From the hundreds of graphics I've created for them, I've curated a small selection of my favourite projects. 

Witch Branding


I created this witchy brand for a friend's tarot and magic practice, including business cards, youtube title cards, and icons. 

HubSpot Social Graphics

Case Study Buddy

I worked for Case Study Buddy as a freelance Graphic Designer for over a year, designing case studies and templates for many big name clients using their existing branding guidelines.  

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